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Subscribe to receive updates about Blue Lake Campground. We will also inform you of upcoming special events. Free to subscribe, and we won't spam your inbox because that's too much work.

Seasonal Membership!

Want to purchase a seasonal membership? This includes the rental of one campsite for the whole year for the members of your family living under the same roof! We are looking forward to expanding our friendly camping community and getting to know you. Please request to arrange a tour of the property so you can pick out your campsite.

Visit a Member

Have you been invited to visit or stay at Blue Lake by someone who is renting a seasonal site? Fantastic! Register as a visitor via email. Make sure to include the name and campsite number of the member who is inviting you. All visitors pay daily or nightly fees. Let us know if you are hanging out for the day or how many nights you will be camping for. Visitors can camp in a temporary site for up to a week!

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