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  • Q: Where is Blue Lake Campground?
    A: ​We are located in the beautiful Cariboo in British Columbia, about 25 minutes North of Williams Lake. Once you turn off of Highway 97 onto Blue Lake Road, it's a 6 minute drive up a gravel road to get to our gated driveway. Our location is on Google maps, simply enter our address into your GPS for directions.
  • Can I camp short-term or hang out for the day?
    The short answer is no, you cannot. We apologize for your disappointment but we cannot make any exceptions. Blue Lake Campground is under new ownership and the business model has changed. At this time, we are only accepting seasonal campsite use which are 365-day rentals. We are currently renovating the property and cannot accommodate short-term public use of the property. If you'd like to rent a seasonal site and join our friendly camping community, we'd love to have you. Please follow the instructions to book a campground tour to choose your site!
  • Q: Can I drop by for a tour or to use the property?
    No, we do not accept and cannot accommodate drop ins. Blue Lake Campground is privately owned and undergoing renovations. Our business model has changed and we are currently only accepting seasonal, year-long bookings. For security and privacy reasons, we keep the gates closed and locked at all times. All access to the property and communication with campground representatives must be scheduled ahead of time. If you're interested in renting a seasonal campsite, please schedule a tour of the property as part of the registration process. Thanks!
  • Q: What services does Blue Lake Campground have available?
    We offer membership-based camping reservations for year-round experiences. This mean that camp sites are only available to reserve for 365-day periods of time. Each campsite reservation includes a site for one RV, one vehicle, and memberships for one household which includes maximum of two adults and their children plus a maximum of two pets. We are a rustic campground on beautiful lakeside property. Currently, sites are dry camping only. Throughout the campground there are outhouses and water access points. We do not have a lifeguard on duty, but we do have one swimming dock and an area where campers can launch small boats.
  • Q: What activities are accessible at the campground and nearby?
    There are lots of recreational opportunities on the property or nearby. Blue Lake is pristine and perfect for swimming, fishing, and small boats. There's even an island to explore! Bring your own canoe, kayak, rowboat, paddle board, paddle boat, dinghy, or lake inflatable and enjoy the water. Bring bicycles and enjoy local trails, or head out for lovely hikes and walks. From campfires to stargazing, there’s lots to enjoy at Blue Lake campground.
  • Q: Is buying a membership to Blue Lake Campground right for me?
    Blue Lake Campground has been enjoyed by both locals and world travelers for many years. If you're interested in booking a seasonal site, we would be happy to meet with you. In a scheduled and guided tour of the property, we can discuss whether it would be a good fit for you to join our camping community. We want everyone to enjoy their experience at Blue Lake Campground and feel comfortable being a part of our camping community. New members are subject to a 30-day probation period.
  • Q: Can I book special events on the property?
    In the past, Blue Lake Campground has been the site of weddings, reunions, birthdays, team building events, company retreats, youth camps, baptisms, and more. If you’re interested in booking the campground for an upcoming event, please contact us to discuss possibilities. In the future, we plan to host public events. Unfortunately, at this time we need to focus on property renovations and business upgrades. Please subscribe to our email notifications if you'd like to be kept up to date!
  • Q: Why is the campground membership-based and only open for year-long rentals?
    Blue Lake Campground is privately owned. The property was sold and the business model has changed. Seasonal-only camping is part of the long-term business plan and is an important during the process of implementing property renovations and upgrades. Please accept our apology for your disappointment, we appreciate your patience during the process of implementing our new business plan. Offering only seasonal camping allows campers to get to know each other and build a unique community over time. It also increases the security and comfort of all campers and creates a more wholesome, pleasant camping environment for everyone.
  • Q: Will you be open for day-use and short-term camping soon?
    This is a difficult answer for some of the campground's longtime customers and those who are used to dropping by. The reality is that without making some changes to the business plan, we would have had to close the campground down completely. We chose to keep it open for seasonal rentals in order to continue to share the campground with those who love it. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to accommodate unregulated public access while trying to upgrade, modernize, and renovate the property. We hope you understand that we are working hard and have the best of intentions. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate day-use and short-term camping in the foreseeable future. When we are ready, we plan to implement and host special events which will be open to the public. Please subscribe to our email notifications if you'd like to be contacted about updates and events in the future.
  • Q: Can people visit if they aren't members?
    Currently, the campground is open for seasonal, year-long rentals only. After purchasing a membership, members may invite their friends and family to visit them on the property. All visitors must register, accept the terms and conditions, and pay fee before entering the property. Members are responsible for their guests’ actions during their stay. Please read through the campground terms and conditions for more information.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we'll do our best to provide helpful answers!

Thank you!

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