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All guests and visitors agree to accept and abide by the following terms & conditions as a condition of their stay.

Terms & Conditions

All guests and visitors agree to accept and abide by the following terms & conditions as a condition of their stay. Reservation Policies:  Campsites are available for full year seasonal rentals only (365 days) Payment in full is required to complete a site reservation Refunds are not provided for cancellations​ All guests, pets, and vehicles must be registered Site reservations include: One RV One vehicle Maximum of two adults and their children Maximum of two pets Visitors:  Seasonal guests may bring visitors to the campground Seasonal guests must be present when visitors are on the property​ Visitor behavior must not disturb or inconvenience other guests Registration is required for all visitors and their vehicles All visitors must register and pay the visitors fee before arriving on the property Unregistered visitors will not be allowed entry Daytime visitors are welcome on the property until quiet time at 10 PM Overnight visitors must respect quiet time policies Registered guests are financially responsible and liable for their visitors Registered guests agree to ensure their visitors accept and adhere to the terms & conditions as a condition of their visit Pets: Pet behavior must not disturb or inconvenience other guests Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries caused by their pet Guests indemnify and hold harmless the resort, its owners, and its operators from all liability and damage suffered as a result of their pet Pets must: Be declared during guest registration Comply with local legislation requirements Be trained and well-behaved Be properly restrained and kept on a leash while on the property Not be left unattended outside Regulations & Guidelines: The speed limit within the campground is 10 km/h Quiet time is from 10PM to 8AM Garbage: Properly dispose of all garbage including cigarette butts Pack out what you pack in; waste disposal service is unavailable Guests are responsible for following open campfire restrictions as per the applicable wildfire authorities Guests will abide by health guidelines as directed by the applicable health authorities A backflow prevention device is required when connecting an RV to the campground water system Campground water supply is available seasonally as weather conditions permit Waterfront:  No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk Life jackets are recommended for all water activities Nudity is prohibited Watercraft: Electric motors are permitted Internal combustion engines are prohibited Please remember to always be a "good neighbor" so everyone can enjoy their stay.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we'll do our best to provide helpful answers!

Thank you!

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